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Celebrating a story of business and entrepreneurship with challenges, from a group of people who have brought culture and progress to one of the leading countries in the globe.


This documentary gives an insight into the unique and powerful history of black businesses and entrepreneurship in the UK. The black presence in Great Britain dates far back as some would say the 10th century, but it wasn’t until around 1593 with Cornelius the Blackamoore and trade routes between England and Africa that there was a sense of black business trading occurring in the UK.


Early notable business owners such as Ignatius Sancho with a grocery store in Westminster during the 1700’s and William Cuffay, a tailor who also lived in London were able to settle and create their own businesses at a time when slavery was at it’s height. Fast forward to today’s black businesses which alongside ethnic minority businesses contribute £25-£32 billion to the UK’s economy per year. This is an extraordinary time to be an entrepreneur and business owner, due to the access to information, networking outlets and social media platforms.


The “British Black Market" documentary not only explores the beginnings of the black community trading, and its contribution to Britain today, but brings to light the important key figures and moments that broke down huge obstacles that were in front of them, it also analyses the impact on today’s young and to which it also showcases what makes the British black community so special, distinctive and interactive with other groups.


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